Eve of Destruction

Anne Elisabeth, Nyheter

The «Eve Of Destruction» will be my next Exhibition project.

After my «The Sun And Beyond» exhibition, I feel it is time to hit the earth and capture the scenery on our planet just now. The only place where we for the time being can breath and live. It doesn’t matter how many excursions out in space we humans use our resources on. No matter how loaded we are with money and power we are helplessly in bonding with our environment on earth.

When I grew up I heard that «Time was five to twelve». That was, I believe, mostly because of the cold war and the atomic bomb. Now, time must be a minute or some seconds to twelve. Power games, hatred and greed releases numerous wars, chemical destructions, genetic manipulations. Our  fauna, which we are a part of is experiencing defaunation and destructive climate changes. And it really doesn’t help that they call wind power green.

Until mankind get rich and gain power by saving the climate nothing will lead us safely out of this. Am I negative? Yes, but I am sensing a new trend……

«Eve of Destruction»
European Art Museum, Denmark


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